Some Pictures of My Star Wars Collection, by John Kinne age 24

Here are some pictures of some of my collection that I have displayed around my townhouse.  This is by no means everything, but I really don't have an abundance of space in which to display stuff.

The Hoth Battle
hoth.jpg (28517 bytes)
The rebel forces defend against the invading Imperial troops.  This is what's on top of one of my bookcases.  Still needs an X-Wing Luke, some more rebel troops, a Probe Droid, and lots more Snowtroopers.

The Sandtroopers search for the stolen Death Star plans
dewback.jpg (33534 bytes)
This is what appears on top of my television.  What this really needs is a recording of the lamest (in my opinion) line in the trilogy, which is, "Look sir, droids!".  (I betcha that actor/extra looks back with some fond memories.)

The Bounty Hunters/The Epic Battle
bounty.jpg (24089 bytes)
This picture has been updated to include Zuckuss, so now the bounty hunters are complete.   Luke and Vader still need an Emperor in the background.  When the new Emperor with the lightning bolts comes up maybe we'll do a little scene with a removable hand Vader tossing the bolt-spewing Emperor...