Star Wars Figures I Have to Trade

This is the list of figures that I available to trade.  I've tried to be as specific as possible as to what variation I have of each of these.  I've also listed any deviations from near-perfect condition, although all of these are in a condition of what you'll typically see in a store (most have slight damage around the edges of the card).  See my list of What I Need to see what I will trade for. Questions?  Interested?  E-mail me at  I only have one or two of each of these, and they're available on a first come, first serve basis.   Anything with a *PENDING* is something somebody has already expressed an interest in, so it may not be available.  The list is not huge because I don't hoard.  Anything here is either something that I bought accidentally, or that someone gave me.
Without further ado, the list.................

How to read:
(Assort/Number/Printer's Code)  Description  (Variation Notes)

I recently sold the whole lot, so there is nothing at this time...  Sorry!